Fees at Smarties Day Nursery and Pre-School

Full day 0-2 years                          £46.00

Full day 2-3 years                          £46.00

Half Days 0-2 and 2-3 years

(5 hours)                                       £30.00  (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)

Extra Hour rate                             £6.00 

Extra hour rate Funded                £5.00

Funded Children

Your invoice is calculated on an hourly rate for hours taken over and above the universal early years entitlement and/or the early years extended entitlement.  We offer limited term time only funded places.

The hourly rate for 2 year old funded children is £5.75 and £5.10 for 3 and 4 year old funded children.  Food and consumables, are calculated on funded hours only per month and are charged at £0.60 per hour.

Before school                               £5.00 

After school                                  £11.00 including tea

Before and after school                £14.00 including breakfast and tea

Early start                                     £5.50 

Pre-Booked Late finish                 £12.00 until 6.30pm

Late finish (not arranged)             £5.00 for every 5 minutes


Schoolie holiday full day               £24.50