Healthy Eating

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Healthy nutritious food is an essential part of a child’s physical and mental development and here at Smarties we embrace this concept fully.


Meal times at Smarties are social occasions where children set the tables, self-serve the food and learn good table manners whilst eating with staff members, enjoying the social benefits and learning opportunities which arise from this activity.

Afterwards they join the practitioners in the clearing up process. The children are also encouraged to help with the preparation of meals and when trying new dishes from different countries this presents an opening for practitioners to explore with the children alternative cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.



Fresh food and healthy snacks are provided during the day. Children can access drinks whenever they wish and for young children water is offered regularly by the staff and is always available.

We understand that not all children like or enjoy vegetables and we will be introducing "hidden" vegetables into your child's diet by creating a sauce from various cooked vegetables and combining them into a curry, stew, pie or casserole.


We are mindful of the salt and sugar intake of your child when at Smarties and will ensure any processed products we consider necessary are low in salt and sugar.


Babies who are being weaned will be offered pureed food which has been cooked at Smarties. We will follow weaning guidelines and introduce new foods slowly.


Special dietary requirements are catered for and parents are encouraged to speak to our experienced cook regarding any allergies their child may have.