"A two year old has many great attributes and here at Smarties Day Nursery we encourage, support and verbally and emotionally engage with your child to provide everything they need to realise their potential." 


At two your child is highly curious and eager to use their senses and motor skills to explore objects and elements like water and sand.  They can solve simple problems with the "trial and error" method and will practice an activity many times to master it. 


“Why, What and How” questions are prompted by new discoveries and blossoming language skills. They are also laying the groundwork for reading and writing and enjoy looking at books and mark making. 


Your child will enjoy many experiences in our Tweenie rooms which are rich in resources to support and encourage their natural curiosity.  


Fresh air in our lovely garden provides an open space for them to explore and play in with their friends and gives them the opportunity to expend some of their energy, practice their large motor skills and take risks in a safe and supported environment. 

What our parents say...

Thank you so much for creating yet another magical loving, home from home setting for our daughter.  Another great year for her health, safety and happiness for which we are so appreciative. We didn’t need any extra validation that she is content and cared for, but today’s Christmas party was yet another example of how much she enjoys being in the company of your staff and the mutual affection. We are lucky she is there and to know how much thought and effort you all put in.

Parents, Harrogate